Friday, January 23, 2009

Home on Trout Lake of the Whitefish Chain

I hope everyone is doing well. It's another beautiful winter day here in Crosslake Minnesota. My bride and I went to see Gran Torino last week. What a great performance by Clint Eastwood! I'm not a real big fan of the Oscar's anyway, but he got screwed this year. I think it's one of the best performances I've ever seen him give!

Well, it's time for the great big Jaycees ice fishing extravaganza again. Tomorrow, thousands of hopeful fisher people will take to the ice on Hole in the Day bay on Gull Lake. It's quite the site to see all of those people on the ice at one time. No need to worry about the ice being too thin this year either, which is a great thing. I've heard the fishing isn't all that great right now. If you're out for Walleye's I think your best bet is after dark. Good luck to everyone tomorrow, and stay warm.

Don't forget, Crosslake Winterfest is coming up February 6th through the 9th...should be a good 'ole time!

Check out this house on Trout Lake...beautiful!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Shirt Sleeve Weather

Wow! It's kind of warm today, and I like it...but, since it's not spring, there is no need to get excited about it. I did see a guy cross country skiing today in running shorts though. I think he was pushing it!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Squeaky Snow

I love the sound of squeaky snow. You know, the sound that snow makes when you walk on it during really cold weather? Well, that's what we've had the past few days, but it looks like that's going to end. I don't mind it getting warmer, don't ya know, but warmer weather brings slush and dirty snow. The warmer weather would be fine with me if it stayed that way, but we've still got a lot of winter left, so I wish it would just stay cold and not warm up until spring is really serious about sticking around. If you have a black vehicle like I do, we will at least have the opportunity to get it washed because the car wash places will re-open for at least a little while. They close when it's this cold, which is a real pain, because my car looks like crap. Nothing I can do about that though expect not buy black car the next time. Hey, there are a couple of snowmobile events coming up. One of them is in conjunction with Crosslake Winterfest in February. Here's a link

Stay warm!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Fireworks on the Ice!

Hey...don't miss the fireworks on the ice at Breezy Point Resort tonight at 7:00. You can feel the shockwave in your, ahhh!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Snow, Snow, and more Snow

Well, if you like snow, this is a great winter for it. The snow machines can be heard through out the night, and the cross country skiers and snow-shoers are having a great winter too. I'd say we have close to 18 inches or more of packed snow on the trails. Here's a link to the Ideal Sno Pros: You can find a link to trails on their web site.

We've got some pretty good ice on the lakes, and I've heard the fishing is getting better. Not great, but OK if you know where to look. My son is catching fish, but that's nothing new...he always catches fish. Now, if I could just get him to bring some to his Mom & Dad.

We've got some great winter festivals coming up, starting with Ice Fest in Breezy Point this weekend. For a list of all the fun, check this out:

Crosslake is also having Winter Fest starting the 6th of February. Lot's of stuff going on that weekend as well: I'll write more about this when we get a little closer to the big weekend.

It may be cold, but we've got some hot Real Estate deals right now. If you're interested email be at

Thanks for reading...I'll write at you later!


Lot's Happened

Ok, so I wasn't real good at my first attempt at doing a blog, but that's going to change starting today. I won't bore you with over a year's worth of stuff that happened in my life, but I will say that the wedding of my daughter was the highlight of 2008. She married a great guy, and we're very glad to have him as part of our family.