Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Decade 7 is this weeks 2013 Crosslake Town Square Music Series Band

That's right! Decade 7 is back for an encore performance on Saturday, August 10th. Don't miss this talented group as they rock the 1970's with songs everyone will know. Saturday is their final performance in Crosslake for the 2013 season, so grab your lawn chairs, order a pizza, have an ice cream cone, and enjoy one of the best cover bands you will ever hear!

Friday, August 2, 2013

How Is the Market?

We get that question a lot, and we like it when people want to know what’s going on. In an effort to keep you well informed, we are going to start a monthly segment in our Blog, entitled…wait for it…”How’s the Market?” Brilliant title, don’t you think?

So, what’s the best way to present this information to you? The answer to that really depends on a Realtors expertise of the market he or she is working in. Most Realtors work within a specific area and it’s no different with us. It seems that most of our clients have something to sell within a 10 to 15 mile radius of Crosslake, and most of our buyers are looking for something within that radius as well. Since the majority of our client base focuses on this area, it makes sense to us that our market report should focus on this area as well.

What we’ve decided to do, is give you a snapshot of the residential market in three specific categories; homes on the Whitefish Chain, homes on surrounding lakes and residential non-lakeshore homes. We’ll also do that with land in each of those categories as well. Keep in mind, for those properties not on the Whitefish Chain they will be within an area stretching from Nisswa to Fifty Lakes which will fall within that 15 mile radius of Crosslake. Without further adieu, here’s what’s happening in our market:

·         There are 113 homes currently listed on the Whitefish Chain.
·         Within the past month, 20 homes have sold on the Chain.
·         There are 61 lots currently listed on the Chain.
·         Within the past month, 1 lot has sold on the Chain.
·         There are 180 lake homes currently listed that are on surrounding lakes.
·         Within the past month, 25 lake homes have sold that are on surrounding lakes.
·         There are 192 residential non-lakeshore homes currently listed.
·         Within the past month, 35 residential non-lakeshore homes have sold.
·         There are 106 lake lots/acreage currently listed that are on surrounding lakes.
·         Within the past month, 4 lake lots/acreage on surrounding lakes have sold.
·         There are 431 non-lakeshore lots/acreage currently listed.
·         Within the past month, 14 non-lakeshore lots/acreage have sold.

To keep up on what’s happening in our market; check out the “Daily Hotlist” on our website at You can also customize a search that is specific to what you are interested in by clicking the “My Home Finder” tab on our website as well. These are both great tools to keep you updated on what’s going on in our Real Estate market, so check them out! Of course we would love to talk to you about the market anytime, so give us a call toll free at 877-692-LAKE (5253).